rob visser 2017
marijke munne
Marijke Munne Born in Rotterdam the Netherlands 1949 Academy for modern arts, Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam 1965-1970 Education of art teaching Academie of Rotterdam 1975-1978 Throughout the years I have developed my own style of painting, making use of the old master painting techniques and aim to produce work with precision and clarity. My paintings do not contain rough strokes nor overexposed emotions. I focus on pure forms, intently observed which are exposed in daylight. I am fascinated by the colour spectrum, shadows and the accuracy of objects in order to obtain clarity and how the visual enticement works. There is a mysterious air depicting my 'still lives' by placing them in an overexposed manner in the desolate countryside. At first glance these still lives are no more than single objects viewed in a normal situation but in fact I aim to define a possible reality surrounding the objects. The still life for me is in fact a manner of expression to explain my global views as painter to the viewer. I can change the reality of the subject matter I have chosen to paint and therefore I look upon my work as magic realism. Nature morte (inert nature) is a reference to the first still life paintings in history, depicting flowers, fruits and dead animals. The nature depicted in still life is a comforting rythm of growth and flowering, aging and decay in a slight melancholic way. The original intent has changed but the still life painting has remained an expression of values intrinsic to the human being. It explains moral values of ethics, religious and social changes and attitudes towards nature and reality. The artist takes these intrinsic values to express their views on the world. In my 'Bird' serie, the birds appear dead but are either floating through the air or resting on their nests. The chickens have found a safe haven. I have tried to express the climatechange and global warming and their sequences . In 'Fruits' I show the abundance that the earth is capable of giving. This is your 'wake-up' call. The flower series depict flowers in each state of the moment from growth to decay. By simplifying the composition I have tried to advance the power of expression which is clear in the 'Vide Grenier' serie which show a softer tone all together. The melancholic meditation of an artist's studio. Likewise, in the serie 'Une voiture perdue' I have tried to show the decay over the years. Cars, almost beyond recognition, overtaken by the power of nature, depicting a lost monument.
Juillac Frankrijk